English Papers by Fumio INOUE

2000.7 (Simplified version)

English Papers on Sociolinguistics and Computational Dialectology
――Language Market, New Dialect and Dialect Image―― (Sanseido)
1. 1970.8 PDF (933,455 bytes)
"Coexistent systems and diasystems of culture", Japan-America Joint Conference in Sociolinguistics, (U.S.Department of Health, Education and Welfare)
2. 1983.3c PDF (504,893 bytes)
"A note on recent changes of dialect near Tokyo", Area and Culture Studies 33 pp.363-367.
3. 1983.12
"New dialect and linguistic change --- An age-area survey near Tokyo --- ", Proceedings of the XIIIth International Congress of Linguists (Tokyo) pp.975-980.
4. 1986.4 PDF (1,575,349 bytes)
"Sociolinguistic aspects of new dialect forms: language change in progress in Tokyo", International Journal of the Sociology of Language 58, pp.73-89.
5. 1986.6b PDF (1,352,013 bytes)
"Sociopsychological characteristics of users of 'new dialect forms'", Journal of Pragmatics 10-3 pp.327-345.
6. 1988.3b
"Dialect image and new dialect forms", Area and Culture Studies 38 pp.13-23.
7. 1989.6?
"Dialect classification by standard Japanese forms", S. Mizutani (ed.) Japanese Quantitative Linguistics (Quantitative Linguistics Vol. 39) (Bochum) pp.220-235. (with Hisako KASAI)
8. 1990.3
A Glossary of Hawaiian Japanese (First Edition) (Private Edition, Tokyo Universityof Foreign Studies) pp.1-25.
9. 1990.12?
"New dialect and interlingual dialectology", ANNALES Universitas Scientiarum Budapestinensis de Roland Eotvos nominatae 21. pp.109-121.
10. 1991.3a
A Glossary of Hawaiian Japanese (Second Edition) (Private Edition, Tokyo Universityof Foreign Studies) pp.1-33.
11. 1991.3b
"New dialect and standard language --- Style-shift in Tokyo" Area and Culture Studies 42 pp.49-68.
12. 1991.7 PDF (362,293 bytes)
"Dialect image and the diffusion of new dialect forms" Proceedings of the fourteenth International Congress of Linguists, Berlin 1987 pp.1508-1511.
13. 1993.2a PDF (1,767,038 bytes)
"The significance of new dialects" Dialectologia et Geolinguistica (SIDG) 1 pp.3-27.
9’. 1993.2b
"New dialect and interlingual dialectology" Atarashii Nihongo kenkyuu no tame ni(M. Imaishi ed.) (same as 1990.12, 1994.2)
14. 1993.12
"Word-accent change in progress in Japanese --- Multi-variate analysis of sociolinguistic groups", Proceedings of the 15th International Congress of Linguists (Quebec 1992) Vol. 3 pp.355-358
9”. 1994.2
"New dialect and interlingual dialectology" Special Session in Honor of Professor T. Sibata (T. Sibata) pp.21-30.
15. 1995.11
"Classification of dialects by image ---English and Japanese", Proceedings of the First International Congress of Dialectologists (Bamberg 1990) Vol.4, ZDL Beiheft 77 (Franz Steiner) pp.355-368.
16a. 1996.3
"Computational dialectology (1)" Area and Culture Studies 52 pp.67-102.
16b. 1996.10
"Computational dialectology (2)", Area and Culture Studies 53 pp.115-134.
17. 1996.10a
"S-shaped curves of language standardization and the process of language death", Sociolinguistic Problems in Various Regions of the World, International Conference Abstracts (Russian Academy of Sciences) pp.411-414.
18. 1996.11 PDF (1,579,481 bytes)
"Subjective dialect division in Great Britain" American Speech 71-2 (Summer) pp.142-161.
19. 1997.9b
"A quantitative approach to English dialect distribution --- Analyses of CLAE morphological data ---" (with Chitsuko Fukushima), in Viereck (ed.) The Computer Developed Linguistic Atlas of England Vol.II (Max Niemeyer) pp.57-65.
20. 1997.10b
"Market value of languages in Japan", Japanese Linguistics pp.40-61.
21. 1997.12a
"Recent change of word-accent in Japanese --- Correlations with socio-linguistic groups", Heinrich Ramisch & Kenneth Wynne (eds.) Language in Time and Space. Studies in Honour of Wolfgang Viereck on the Occasion of his 60th Birthday. Stuttgart: Franz Steiner Verlag (Zeitschrift fuer Dialektologie und Linguistik, Beihefte Nr. 97) pp.350-362.
22. 1997.12b
"S-shaped curves of language standardization", Alan R. Thomas (ed.) Issues and Methods in Dialectology (Unversity of Wales Bangor) pp.79-93.
24. 1998.3a
"Sociolinguistics of intonation change in progress in Tokyo", Area and Culture Studies 56 pp.11-24.
25. 1998.10
"Language market and its basic mechanisms", Area and Culture Studies 57
26. 1998.10
"Dr. Takesi Sibata and the principal trends in Japanese sociolinguistics" in Sociolinguistics in Japanese Context (edited and translated by Tetsuya Kunihiro, Fumio Inoue, Daniel Long et al. ; Mouton de Gruyter)
15'. 1999.(8a)
"Classification of dialects by image ---English and Japanese", Dennis Preston (ed.) Handbook of Perceptual Dialectology Vol.1 (John Benjamins) pp.147-159. <-- 1995.11
18'. 1999.(8b)
"Subjective dialect division in Great Britain", Dennis Preston (ed.) Handbook of Perceptual Dialectology Vol. 1 (John Benjamins) pp.160-176. <--1996.11
27. 1999.3.31c
"Isolated dialectal forms and language substratum in Japan", Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the Origins of the Japanese International Symposium 1996, (International Research Center for Japanese Studies: Nichibunken) pp.293-308. (Eng27)
(28.) 1999.10
"Proper names as a symbol of acculturation in East Asia" Abstracts: XX Congreso Internacional de Ciencias Onomasticos

Fumio Inoue